Bridal styling & wedding fashion

Bridal styling is about architecting a style for the wedding, to cover the style of the bride and groom, bridal party, and even close friends & sometimes even their furry friends to create the most amazing images that will endure for decades in memories, albums, and of course, social media.

​I bring attention to detail at it’s best into bridal styling and wedding fashion. This is one day to remember, and it's an opportunity to make a statement about you the bride as well as your close friends.

Traditional bridal styling focuses narrowly on the wedding dress. Of course I advise on that. But I bring a more modern day approach to bridal styling. I help brides decide on a Wedding Aesthetic, which is an overall theme that incorporates and integrates colours, fixtures, clothing, and venue. The key to amazing wedding pictures is not an amazing wedding photographer. The key is to strategically style the entire event, to consider and integrate the brides dress, the styles of the bridal party, the bouquet, the flower arrangements, the ribbons and accessories. 

I value the role of setting and scenery and the challenge of matching clothing styles and fixtures (props) with the scenery. The Wedding Aesthetic is the concept of how we can integrate all of these moving parts into a creating hundreds of amazing, unique images of this special day. 

How we work

I get to know you, learn about the type of wedding you are planning, and understand what you want to look like & how you want to feel on your wedding day. I will ask you to share photos, tell me about your life and gather as much information to complete your overall vision. Once I really know you, your style and the “look and feel” of your wedding, I will shape our experience together, we can do this either face to face or by video call.

Our itinerary will be tailored specifically to you and will ensure you see exactly what you need to see. If that changes along the way, then I will adjust our plan accordingly.

The wedding dress is the foundation for all of the fashion components for the wedding. Once we design or help find THE dress, we can move on to assembling custom pieces to finish your look and taking care of your wardrobe for the other wedding events.

From there I often help the mothers, the groom, and the wedding party- making sure that all of the fashion is coordinated to complement both your dress and the overall event.

By enlisting Abigail’s help clients save significant amounts of time and energy during the wedding planning process.

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