The Label

Miss Abigail is a New Zealand renown label and specialises in couture that embraces the art form of an individual. 

The style is one which “oozes” glamour but allows for a twist of playfulness allowing for an individual to make a statement.

The journey of a bride starts from the gown which promotes her elegance and presence, the attention to detail and the co-ordination with the entire day is a principle of Miss Abigail.

The designer

Abigail has worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years, she was born in the UK then moved to Sydney at a young age, finding school “boring”, sewing and art was about all Abigail was interested in, she went straight from school to study Fashion knowing this is where her passion lay. 

She moved on to selling her new label “Miss Abigail” to retailers throughout Australia whilst having her own boutique in Sydney. 

In 2011 Abigail packed up everything and moved back to the UK to explore and work in London, shortly into her travels she was interrupted by a boy (now her husband) and packed up and moved to Wellington. 

Once arriving in Wellington she opened a successful boutique “Design Cartel” located in central Wellington, specialising in New Zealand designer clothing and accessories including the “Miss Abigail” range. 

She then moved onto teaching at NZ Institute of Fashion Technology and inspired students with her industry expertise. 

Abigail now runs the business from the families farm with her little family including their 2 kids, three year old daughter, Marlowe and one year old son, Fox.

Having designed and created numerous bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, Abigail embraced her passion in bridal and couture after making her own wedding dress.

Abigail is a perfectionist when it comes to attention to detail, she researches materials in the global market and ensures that all fabrics are high end and of quality, which results in a superior outcome.

“Abigail’s passion in life is to make things beautiful”


WINNER Contemporary lady of the day, Wellington Cup 2014

WINNER Best dressed couple (Barbie and Ken) The Sevens 2014

WINNER  2nd place WOW Window dressing competition 2013

WINNER Wellington Fashion Week Museum Hotel Award 2012

WINNER of F.rock fashion in Sydney 2006 

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